Q:  How do I sign up?

A: To sign up for Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp™ call us over the phone at 1.888.ROC.BAND. You can also download a form from our website at www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com and fax it to us at 917.591.9470.  Or you can sign up by mailing us a check to the following address:

Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp
252 West 71st Street
New York, NY 10023

Q:  How old do you have to be to attend the camp?

A:  Campers typically range in age from 21-60. We have accepted younger campers who have exceptional talent, with parental supervision. We offer "spouse" packages, which parents can purchase if they want to attend with their children. There is no age limit.

Q:  How much does the camp cost?

A: The total cost of the Hollywood camp is $9499 which includes all meals, all transportation within Hollywood, studio time, use of equipment, playing at the House of Blues, master classes, and gift bags. If you register before October 31st, 2006 you get $500 off!  The One Day Only Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp is $2000 for an all day rehearsal and instruction from rock stars, all your meals, playing in front an audience as the opening act, a meet and greet with select members of Def Leppard and Journey, prime seats for you and a guest for the show!

Q:  Can I bring my significant other?

A: Absolutely. Our “spouse” packages include all evening activities, meals, and seminars. Spouse packages cost an additional $499.00.  Unfortunately there is no spouse package available for the One Day Only Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp.

Q:  What does the camp fee include?

A: The camp fee includes all meals throughout the camp, studios, equipment, evening activities, tickets to the final performance, a DVD of the final ‘Battle of the Bands’ performance (not available for One Day Only), transportation to and from all camp events, camp credentials, and a gift bag…basically everything you need for the entire week except hotel accommodations is covered!

Q:  Do you have to have previous musical  experience to attend camp?

A: No previous experience is necessary.  All experience levels welcome.

Q: How long is the camp?

A: The Hollywood camp takes place over a five-day period, February 15-19, 2007. The One Day Only Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy is only on Sunday September 10th, 2006.

Q:  How does the audition process work?

A: The audition process allows our campers to immediately start jamming with our rock stars.  You are asked to choose from a list of songs, which we provide you with in advance for the audition. Right away you will be playing with rock stars and other campers. The audition process enables our counselors to get a feel for your musical ability as well as giving you an opportunity to get rid of your stage fright right away. Several campers have said after auditioning Free’s ‘All Right Now’ with Simon Kirke, “I’ve got my money’s worth” after the first day.  There is no need to be nervous; it is a fun time and a great event to watch.  Once you finish auditioning you will have the option to watch other campers audition or you can start playing in one of our jam rooms while the auditions continue.

Q:  How much time do you actually spend jamming?

A: In Hollywood you will spend 10-12 hours a day jamming during the camp.  We also hold jam sessions at night so you will have the chance to play with other counselors and campers who are not in your band. For the One Day Only Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp you will jam for over six hours

Q:  Will I get to record?

A: Yes, in Hollywood there will be recording equipment available for you to record your band's rehearsals and performance.

Q:  Is equipment provided?

A: Yes. Our sponsor, Gibson provides the finest guitars and bass guitars. We also have DW drums, Korg keyboards, Marshall amplifiers, effect pedals, and any other necessary gear you may need as well as top roadies and staff, who handle the biggest rock and roll stars to take care of you. 

Q:  Can I bring my own gear?

A: Absolutely. Many campers enjoy the ‘show and tell’ factor by bringing their guitars and equipment. We only ask that you label your gear with your contact information.

Q:  Where does the camp take place?

A: Past camps have taken place at SIR Studios and the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. For the One Day Only the venue is the Germain Amphitheatre.

Q:  Where does the Battle of the Bands take place?

A: Hollywood the Battle of the Bands takes place on the Sunset Strip at the House of Blues and at the Germain Amphitheatre in Columbus for the One Day Only Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp.
Q:  How do I get tickets to the Battle of the Bands final show?

A: Tickets are available online at www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com, by calling the home office at 1.888.ROC.BAND, at the venue box office. Tickets are also available at the camp throughout the week.

Q:  What "Rock Stars" have attended and who will be attending future camps?

A: Please visit our website for our entire past and current talent lineup. We are constantly adding guest appearances, so be sure to check the site often! www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com

Q:  Will I be able to get autographs and photographs?

A: Absolutely! Be sure to bring your cameras, sharpies and any memorabilia for the rock stars to sign. A previous camper told us that his home looks like the Hard Rock Café from all the autographs he obtained from past camps!

Q:  Will food be available?

A: We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of foods available, including vegetarian dishes, throughout the camp. We also provide refreshments in your studio throughout the day. 

Q:  Where do I stay?

A: We offer discounted rates for our campers at four-star hotels. All of our campers, rock counselors, and guest stars are encouraged to stay at the same hotel.

Q:  Do I have to stay at the preferred hotel?

A: No, you do not have to stay at the same hotel; however, we only offer transportation to from this hotel.  Also, all of our rock stars also stay at the same hotel so you might run into them at the bar or in the lobby.  

Q:  How do the campers get around from the studios to the hotel?

A: Shuttle service is provided to and from the hotel to the studios and all camp events.  This transportation is included in the camp fee.

Q:  What kind of clothes do I need?

A: We suggest bringing comfortable clothing as you will be spending long days in the rehearsal studios. However, many campers prefer to dress up for the final night ‘Battle of the Bands’ performance since you will be recorded. You want to not only act like a rock star, but look like a rock star!



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